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Harvard’s premier quantitative finance group.

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The mission of the Harvard Undergraduate Quantitative Traders (HUQT) is to foster an educational and supportive community which, through mentorship and projects, prepares students for careers in quantitative finance. HUQT is comprised of 50 of Harvard’s brightest statistics, math, and computer science students. Our members are selected through a rigorous interview process and go on to intern and work full-time at the world’s leading quantitative hedge funds and market-makers, including Jane Street, Two Sigma, Citadel, HRT, Jump Trading, SIG, Optiver, IMC Trading, and more.

Our Initiatives



Our members spend the bulk of their semester collaborating on research projects that tackle real, challenging problems in the industry, such as arbitrage in online betting markets, portfolio optimization, and algorithmic trade execution.


Bootcamp Series

New members attend a semester-long program of weekly bootcamp lectures led by senior members, covering foundational topics include recruiting basics, programming best practices, data analysis, and market-making & betting.



Our members meet weekly for market-making and poker nights, as well as numerous socials and retreats throughout the semester.


Professional Development

Senior members frequently offer resume reviews, mock interviews, and career advice to junior members looking to recruit for quantitative finance roles. Many of them have worked at trading companies, including Jane StreetCitadelJump TradingHRTTwo Sigma, and more!

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