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After the Bootcamp Series, HUQT members are encouraged to participate in Projects, Trading Games, Market Reading Group, and Quant Table to continue learning quantitative finance skills. All of these education initiatives help prepare them for quant recruiting and future internships.

Past Projects

Trading Games

Each week, members will come together to play trading games, such as Trade or Tighten, Figgie, Blotto, and more. These will help you build intuition for key trading concepts that might be helpful for interviews.


David Vincent, a senior trader at Jane Street and the inventor of Figgie, came to play Figgie with us!

Market Reading Group

In the Market Reading Group, we discuss recent financial news and contextualize that information so that you can get a better grasp of the financial universe. As a club, we usually focus more on the “quant” side of “quant finance”, but knowing about the “finance” side and finding that aspect interesting is equally as important. We feel that this is also essential in deciding whether or not you want to work in quant finance!

Quant Table

A rotating cast of members will present on a part of quant finance that they find interesting with the goal of sharing new ideas with the rest of the organization.

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